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  • Arthur Schopenhauer
    Arthur Schopenhauer was the most articulate and influential pessimist in the history of human thought. He was convinced that the space and time of ordinary life is an illusion.
  • Autobiographical Reflections
    In Autobiographical Reflections Eric Voegelin presents an ideal introduction to the ideas of a man whom many regard as the greatest thinker of our time.
  • Avicenna and Medieval Muslim Philosophy
    For centuries, the works of Aristotle and other Greek thinkers were preserved in the Arabic world. Avicenna and Averroes produced philosophical systems that rival the greatest intellectual structures ever built.
  • Baruch Spinoza
    Baruch Spinoza was a Portuguese Jew living in Holland. He was excommunicated because of the unorthodox view he took of God.
  • Bertrand Russell and A.N. Whitehead
    Bertrand Russell and A. N. Whitehead co-authored a seminal work in logic entitled Principia Mathematica. Russell wrote on virtually every aspect of philosophy, while Whitehead developed one of the great philosophical systems of the century.
  • Civility and Community
    Civility, which comes to us from the Latin word for citizen, includes not only the notions of courtesy and politeness, but also such matters as social relationships and proper conduct in human relationships.
  • Confessions of St. Augustine
    Confessions of St. Augustine is a timeless work, completely applicable to everyone who has experienced the struggle between good and evil in his own soul.
  • Confucius in 90 Minutes
    In Confucius in 90 Minutes, Paul Strathern offers a concise, expert account of Confucius' life and ideas and explains their influence on man's struggle to understand his existence in the world.
  • Confucius, Lao Tzu, and Chinese Philosophy
    China's two greatest philosophers, Confucius and Lao Tzu, were intensely interested in how we should live and how a good society is governed. The central concepts of Confucianism are li and zhen.
  • Consolations of Philosophy
    In The Consolations of Philosophy, de Botton draws on the work of six of the world's most brilliant thinkers and has arranged a panoply of wisdom to guide us through our most common problems.
  • David Hume
    Although he lived in the age of reason, David Hume had profound doubts about our ability to know anything in the world with certainty.
  • Descartes, Bacon, and Modern Philosophy
    In Descartes, Bacon, and Modern Philosophy, it relates that both philosophers extolled the individual, arguing that the human mind can penetrate the deepest secrets of existence.
  • Descartes in 90 Minutes
    Rene Descartes convinced himself to doubt and disregard sensory knowledge and found he could prove his existence through his thoughts.
  • Dimensions of Scienific Thought
    Scientific philosophers say that "objective" observations actually depend heavily on the observer's intuition and point of view. This audio presentation explores the power and limitations of this special type of knowledge called science.
  • Duns Scotus and Medieval Christianity
    Franciscan John Duns Scotus was one philosopher who tried to bridge the gap between reason and faith when Aristotle's works were first translated from Arabic.
  • Friedrich Hegel
    Friedrich Hegel aimed to make philosophy an all-comprehensive science that would restate, in rational language, the truth of Christianity.
  • Isaac Newton
    This audio book on Isaac Newton gives us the story of the scientist who, above all others, embodied humanity's quest to unveil the hidden forces that constitute the physical world.
  • Isaac Newton's New Physics
    Isaac Newton's New Physics describes Newton's way of thinking that changed science forever and continues to shape our everyday understanding of how the world works.
  • Living Biographies of Great Philosophers
    Living Biographies of Great Philosophers include: Plato, Socrates, Aristotle, Epicurus, Marcus Aurelius, Thomas Aquinas, Francis Bacon, Descartes, Spinoza, Locke, Hume, Voltaire, Kant, Hegel, Schopenhauer, Emerson, Spencer, Nietzsche, William James, Henri-Louis Bergson, and Santayana.
  • Plato
    Plato was the first great philosopher of the West to organize and record the issues and questions that define philosophy. A student of Socrates, Plato preserved the teachings of his mentor.
  • Plato in 90 Minutes
    In an age when philosophers had scarcely glimpsed the horizons of the mind, a boy named Aristocles adopted the nickname Plato and embarked on a life in philosophy.
  • Socrates
    Though Socrates left no written works, there were many ancient accounts of his life and his philosophy. The most important of the surviving accounts are from three contemporaries along with two later Greek biographers.
  • St. Augustine
    St. Augustine (354-430 A.D.) was the first great systematic Christian philosopher. He attempted to combine the philosophical insights of Plato with the faith explicated in the Bible.
  • St. Augustine in 90 Minutes
    St. Augustine's struggles with sex and a domineering mother, followed by his spiritual crisis and conversion to Christianity ultimately led him to his major contribution to philosophy. The fusion of two doctrines.
  • The Echo of Greece
    Fourth-century Athens has a special claim on our attention, apart from the great men it produced, it is the prelude to the end of Greece. The events that took place in the ancient world may, by human nature, be repeated in the modern world.
  • The First Three Minutes
    The First Three Minutes is now updated with a major new afterword that incorporates the latest cosmological research, this classic of contemporary science was written by a Nobel Prize-winning physicist.
  • The Republic
    In The Republic, Plato tackles the big issues of the state and the individual: how the state should be ruled, and by whom; and the way the individual should lead his life - and why.
  • The Trial and Death of Socrates
    The Trial and Death of Socrates remains a powerful document not least because it gives a first-hand account of the end of one of the greatest figures in history.

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